All You Need Is Love (arr. Dorothy Gates)


John Lennon &Paul McCartney, arr. Dorothy Gates

All You Need Is Love was written at the request of New York Staff Bandmaster, Ronald Waiksnoris in 2007. Ron wanted a brass band version of the Canadian Brass arrangement as an encore. The original Beatles song opens with the French National anthem, but given The Salvation Army connection, the arranger thought it would be more appropriate to use The Salvation Army’s anthem – the Founder’s Song – “O Boundless Salvation”. And more specifically, to use the opening measures of Sir Dean Goffin’s definitive arrangement:

“O Boundless salvation! Deep ocean of love.”

The Salvation Army is love in action. Christ?s explanation to the Pharisees of His day was quite clear; all you need is love. John Lennon came up with the same idea many years later. Throughout the New Testament we find a lot of helpful writings that if followed lead to a life that honors God. But synthesizing it all down into one statement, that statement would be ?All You Need Is Love?.

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