Endless Power


New York Staff Band

Our job as Christian musicians in the New York Staff Band is to unashamedly proclaim the saving power and grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  That power, manifested in creation, displayed in the resurrection of Jesus, and proclaimed through every life that has been changed by the Holy Spirit, is available to us as believers.

Our hope is that this recording will give you a glimpse of what we believe as individuals and as a collective group.  What follows on this disc are new compositions delivering the Christian message in fresh and exciting ways.  Each work is described by the composers themselves in the CD notes.  This recording also features the NYSB Composition Contest winning work, Fearless, by Andrew Wainwright.

It is our prayer that if you are searching today, you will find hope, love and power through Jesus Christ, the one whose stores of love and power are endless.

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