Double CD set that includes solo performances by principals of the New York Staff Band, Gordon Ward (cornet), Vanda Knickerbocker (trombone) and Aaron Vanderweele (euphonium), plus piano accompaniment tracks performed by Kevin Norbury for American Soloists Album 5 titles.

  1. The Amazing Mr. Leidzen! (Peter Graham)
  2. When I Remember! (David Catherwood)
  3. Melody of the Heart (Terry Camsey)
  4. Grateful Praise (Brian Hogg)
  5. Little David (Karen Krinjak)
  6. This Little Light (Martyn Thomas)
  7. Tell the World (Thomas Mack)
  8. I’m Glad I’m a Salvation Soldier (Noel Jones)
  9. Blessed Assurance (Stephen Bulla)
  10. At Thy Feet (Noel Jones)
  11. The Secret (Terry Camsey)
  12. Flourish for the New-Born Babe (Kevin Norbury)
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