Heralds of Victory (Richard Holz)


Length – 2:43

The brilliant “fanfare-march” was written by the Staff Bandmaster, Brigadier Richard E. Holz, for the New York Staff Band’s triumphal tour of Great Britain in 1960 and featured the entire cornet section of the band to mark a sparkling beginning of every festival.  With fanfares and brilliant technical displays, the cornetists send forth cascades of trumpeting while the accompaniment reiterates the battle song, We’re a band that shall conquer the foe.  Quotations of Beethoven’s victory motif from his 5th symphony are pyramided into a finale.  Heralds of Victory is recorded on the New York Triumphonic label in the long play (LP 6) album King of Kings.  It is also recorded on the Ceaseless Service CD celebrating the Staff Band’s 120 years of service.  The following text by William Hodgson from which the composition was titled:

I believe we shall win,
If we fight in the strength of the King.

Previously published in the American Band Journal 13 as #58.

The climax is reached with the Morse Code symbol of V for Victory (…-) echoing and re-echoing throughout the ensemble and band in a grand symphonic fanfare of sound.

Previously published in the American Band Journal 13 as #58.



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