The Glory of Jehovah (Dorothy Gates)


Length – 24:25

The Glory of Jehovah is a major work (some might even say “epic” work) for brass band, written for the New York Staff Band and the Canadian Staff Band’s 50th Anniversary celebrations in March 2019.  The music is based on the entire book of Exodus in the Old Testament of the Bible.  That translates into 40 chapters portrayed in 5 movements – a daunting task.  The piece is very programmatic in nature and follows Exodus closely.  However, because of the enormity of the book, some events had to be left out.  The events that remain, are those that involve or portray the presence of God in some way.  The music is mostly all original material, with the last movement being the exception.  This movement is based on the popular song, Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here by Bryan & Katie Torwalt.