Journey Into Peace


CD that includes solo performances by Philip Smith (trumpet), Charles Baker (trombone) and Aaron VanderWeele (euphonium), plus piano accompaniment tracks performed by Kevin Norbury for American Soloists Album 6 titles.

  1. Amazing Grace (Harold Burgmayer)
  2. Come Home (Thomas Mack)
  3. Commitment (Scott, arr. Stephen Bulla)
  4. Questions (Terry Camsey)
  5. Take Up Thy Cross (Broughton, trs. Stephen Bulla)
  6. They Shall Be Mine (David Catherwood)
  7. A New World (Andrew Blyth)
  8. Whiter than the Snow (Trevor Davis)
  9. I Need Thee (Alastair Taylor)
  10. Journey into Peace (William Himes)
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