Let There Be Light


New York Staff Band and Eastern Territory Staff Songsters

  1. Let There Be Light (Ponsford)  NYSB
  2. Illuminate (Wainwright)  NYSB
  3. Lux Aeterna (Harper)  NYSB
  4. O Little Town (Redman, Herms & Myrin)  ETSS
  5. Personent Hodie (Collier)  NYSB
  6. Sounding Joy (Jones)  NYSB
  7. A Manger Lullaby (Ballantine)  ETSS
  8. Advent Hymn (Rayment)  NYSB
  9. Yuletide Treasure (Venables)  NYSB
  10. Holly and the Ivy (Gates)  NYSB
  11. Angel’s Carol (Rutter)  ETSS
  12. Huron Carol (Wainwright)  NYSB
  13. Carol of the Bells (Christmas)  NYSB
  14. Emmanuel (arr. Sorenson)  ETSS
  15. See Amid the Winter’s Snow (Forrest)  NYSB & ETSS
  16. A Joyful Sound (Venables)  NYSB

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