Musical Offerings 2


The first edition of Musical Offerings has proven to be useful to pianists looking for offertories and program pieces for worship.

In keeping with the Eastern Territory’s desire to encourage young pianists, you will notice that a few of the items are quite easy and it is hoped that this book will find a broad based usage.

Ten offertories for keyboard.

  1. Hosanna (Kocher, arr. Nathan Farrell)
  2. Lord, With My All I Part (Edwards, arr. Stanley Ditmer)
  3. A Miracle (Larsson, arr. Hollie Ruthberg)
  4. Prelude on Rimington (Duckworth, arr. Stephen Bulla)
  5. Mid-Winter (Holst, arr. Thomas Mack)
  6. How Sweet the Name (Howard, arr. Graeme Press)
  7. When the Mists Have Rolled Away (Sankey, arr. Ray Bowes)
  8. Arizona (Earnshaw, arr. Noel Jones)
  9. Send the Fire! (Booth-Tucker, arr. Karen Krinjak)
  10. Just as I Am (Heaton, trs. Robert Getz)
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