NYSB & ETSS Live at the Centennial Memorial Temple


New York Staff Band and Eastern Territory Staff Songsters Live From the Centennial Memorial Temple

  1. Crossbearers (Cordner)  NYSB
  2. The Blessing (Himes)  NYSB
  3. In Christ Alone (Phillips)  NYSB & Aaron VanderWeele
  4. We Are More Than Conquerors (Hayes)  ETSS
  5. What a Beautiful Name (Collier)  NYSB
  6. Worthy is the Lamb (Trigg)  NYSB
  7. Nobody Loves Me Better (Gates)  NYSB & Chris Webster
  8. Amazing God (Fisher)  ETSS
  9. Life Ablaze (Ponsford)  NYSB
  10. I Will Praise You (Blyth)  ETSS
  11. He Watches (Collier)  NYSB
  12. Humbly Bow (Spencer)  ETSS
  13. To Boldly Go (Graham)  NYSB
  14. My All is on the Altar (Calvert)  NYSB

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