NYSB & Cory Band Live from NYC


New York Staff Band and Cory Band – Live from New York City November 2, 2019

Disc 1:

New York Staff Band

  1. The Proclaimers (Norbury)
  2. Semper Fidelis (Cordner)
  3. King of the Seven Heavens (Harper)
  4. And Can It Be (arr. Wainwright)
  5. Devotional – Lt. Colonel James LaBossiere
  6. Rhapsody on St. Francis (Wainwright)

Cory Band

  1. March of the Pacemakers (Langford)
  2. Introduction of Titan’s Progress
  3. Titan’s Progress (Pallhüber)

Disc 2:

Cory Band

  1. O Verona (Armstrong)
  2. Caribe (arr. Harper)
  3. Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet (arr. Harper)
  4. Clans Collide (Harper)
  5. Lament and Liebestod (arr. Harper)
  6. Somewhere from West Side Story (arr. Harper)

Massed Bands

  1. Balkan Dance (Crausaz)
  2. I Know Thou Art Mine (Ballantine)
  3. Call of the Righteous (Condon)
  4. Enter the Galaxies (Lovatt-Cooper)
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