Pilgrim’s Progress (Philip Wilby)


Bunyan’s classic text, Pilgrim’s Progress, proved to be a ready source of inspiration. Although a product of 17th century English puritan, its allegorical story, and its concerns with the basic of Christian truth has made it the subtext of all our lives. Pilgrim’s doubts and temptations, his concerns with the world, and his reliance on the cross and resurrection culminate in Bunyan’s final portrayal of the river of death and the Celestial City. The images are hugely resonant, and it has been a privilege to engage with them in this setting. My own musical material is variously based on Vaughan Williams’ hymn tune, and it is that which we hear with final clarity at the music’s close. – Philip Wilby

The score has some inbuilt flexibility. For large performances, the off-stage players may play from various places within the auditorium, and assemble together onstage for the final hymn. However, all parts are cued, and may be played by members of the onstage band if required. Equally, the organ part may be used or omitted acording to circumstance. To give some focus to the religious nature of the material, Vaughan Williams’ hymn setting of Bunyan’s words may be sung before the Narrator’s first words.

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