To Ask the Lord’s Blessing (Simon Morton)


Length – 2:51

To Ask the Lord’s Blessing is based on the hymn tune Kremser and is traditionally known as a Thanksgiving song in the United States.  The first line of the hymn being, ”We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing.”

The original text was written after Dutch Protestant forces overcame Spanish Catholic oppression in which they were forbidden to worship and was written as a request to the Lord to bless their victory.

The opening bars reflect a battle field in which multiple lines of forces join together in ever increasing intensity.  A powerful major chord represents the moment of victory followed by the presentation of the main tune and text in a brighter major key.

The music returns briefly to the battle scene but ends with a majestic drawn out cadence and a victorious final chord.

The piece is a reminder to all Christians to seek the Lord’s will and blessing in all aspects of life.



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