The New York Staff Band and USA East Territorial Music Department have launched a new Signature and Heritage series. The Signature series replaces the department’s current Triumphonic Collection and will feature three new titles a year. The Heritage series will consist of re-prints of popular American Band Journal pieces that are out of print and will feature one new title a year. Both series will be released at the beginning of October each year.

Derek Lance, Dorothy Gates and Aaron VanderWeele were on hand at the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain at the Royal Albert Hall for the launch of both series this year.  The launch was a great success.

The first titles released are:

Americana by Martin Cordner

Living Power by Tom Davoren

Shenandoah by Dorothy Gates

Stars and Stripes Forever arr. Dave Wolpe & Dorothy Gates

Heralds of Victory by Richard Holz

Manhattan by Erik Leidzen

All these pieces and more are available for sale at

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