The Reason


CD that includes solo performances by Aaron Vanderweele (euphonium), Michael R. Baker (cornet/flugel horn), Burt Mason (trombone), Douglas Berry (cornet) and Derek Lance (trumpet), plus piano accompaniment tracks performed by Christiane Russell for American Soloists Album No. 3 titles.

  1. At Peace with My God (Joy, arr. Stanley Ditmer)
  2. Morning Has Broken (arr. Stephen Bulla)
  3. What Shall I Ask? (Larsson, arr. Terry Camsey)
  4. Consecration (Edwards, arr. Lloyd Scott)
  5. Now I Belong to Jesus (Clayton, arr. Bruce Broughton)
  6. The Reason (Rance, arr. Stephen Bulla)
  7. What a Friend (Converse, arr. Mark Freeh)
  8. The Wonder of His Grace (Davies, arr. Ivor Bosanko)
  9. Surrender (Abbott, arr. Philip Ditmer)
  10. Covenant (arr. Thomas Mack)
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