Puerto Rican Salvationists are the best! They are lively, energetic, talented and resilient. Music and Arts programs around the island were put on hold while Salvationists from all around P.R. helped with the recovery effort after the devastating affects of hurricane Maria. It wasn’t until mid January where some programs became to resume. But this wouldn’t stop these tremendous people from displaying their God given talents at this year’s Star Search. Children from Corps still without a church building performed acts of music, dance and drama and did so splendidly.

Music & Arts directors Richard and Mabel Lopez along with their staff Victor Morales and Natalia Cruz (with some other local help) did an amazing job of organizing the event. A highlight for me was the opening to the awards ceremony…which they called a star search party! The divisional worship band set the tone for praise with some great music. The children cheered each other on as each winner was called and an overwhelming sense of support for all was very obvious.

It was a blessed day and the Lord was honored.

Brass Solo Level 1:
1st Place – Maria Mercedes
2nd Place – Carlos Malavé
3rd Place – Zazá Reyes

Brass Solo Level 2:
1st Place – Emir Dávila
2nd Place – Jahziel Alequín
3rd Place – Marlon Rosario

Brass Solo Level 3:
1st Place – Ana M. Cruz
2nd Place – Emily Rodríguez
3rd Place – Angel de la Rosa

Brass Solo Level 4:
1st Place – Yosef Cruz
2nd Place – Lydmarie Rivera

Vocal Solo Level 1:
1st Place – Bianca Berberena

Vocal Solo Level 2:
1st Place – Raelys Rodríguez
2nd Place – Nayelis Alonzo
3rd Place – Yazmily Reyes

Vocal Solo Level 3:
1st Place – Melodie Luciano

Vocal Solo Level 4:
1 – Samantha Cruz

Acoustic Guitar Level 2:
1 – Marlon Rosario

Snare Drum Level 1:
1 – Lexier Diaz

Snare Drum Level 2:
1 – Fernando Pacheco
2 – Lyanet Rivera

Snare Drum Level 3:
1 – José Tavarez
2 – Viviano Rodriguez

Snare Drum Level 4:
1 – Jonathan Mercedes

Dance Solo Level 3:
1 – Alondra Rivera
2 – Yazmily Reyes
3 – Emily Rodriguez

Dance Solo Level 4:
1 – Samantha Cruz
2 – Ariana Rodriguez
3 – Melodie Luciano

Drama Monologue Level 2:
1 – Ivana Mercado

Drama Monologue Level 4:
1 – Lydmarie Rivera

Dance Troupe Level  A:
1 – Arecibo

Dance Troupe Level B:
1 – Guayama

Drama Troupe Level A:
1 – San Juan

Drama Troupe Level B:
1 – Guayama
2 – Ponce

Singing Company:
1 – San Juan
2 – Arecibo

Corps Youth Band:
1 – Guayama
2 – San Juan

Timbrel Brigade Level A:
1 – San Juan

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