MARCH 2-5, 2023 – The Eastern Territorial Staff Songsters gathered at the Chapel at Worthington Woods for their ministry weekend from March 2-5. Two full day of rehearsals Thursday and Friday preceded an open rehearsal Thursday evening for anyone from the SouthWest Ohio-Northern Kentucky Division. A number of folks joined with the Staff Songsters in a time of rehearsal and fellowship and it was a nice way to finish off the day!

Saturday morning the Staff Songsters joined in Worship with the Columbus Adult Rehabilitation Center. It was a wonderful morning of singing and worshipping together with the men of the Center. We felt the Lord moving throughout the meeting. After the devotional, the songsters presented “Humbly Bow” by Matt Spencer, and invitation was given for anyone who felt the Lord speaking to them to come and pray. Many of the men came to the altar to pray, with members of the songsters praying with them. It was a wonderful sight to see all seeking the Lord.

We made our way to the Church at Mill Run to rehearse with the Brass Band of Columbus in preparation for the God & Country concert. We were warmly welcomed by the members of the band and had a great rehearsal. We learned that the God & Country Concert series was just getting back to the normal schedule and also learned this was the first time a vocal group was presenting at this concert with the band.
In the evening as people began to arrive, we watched as the aisles began to fill with people in anticipation of hearing good music. We were warmly greeted as the songsters took the stage to present a varied selection of music. The response was wonderful. The Brass Band of Columbus was in fine form, and presented a varied selection of patriotic and religious selections. During the intermission, the members of the songsters visited with those in attendance and heard many complimentary comments. Several folks remarked how much they enjoy the vocal selections along with the band. The Concert ended with the Staff Songsters and the Brass Band of Columbus presenting the arrangement by Peter Wilhousky’s “Battle Hymn Of The Republic.” The concert closed with the songsters and band presenting the benediction, “The Lord Is Gracious”. It was a great evening of music and worship.

We worshipped Sunday morning with the Chapel at Worthington Wood Corps family. Again, the Lord was moving during the meeting with several people responding to the altar to seek after the Lord’s calling for their lives.

Captain Jim Brennan

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