On Saturday, February 10th 2024, at Montclair Citadel, NJ corps, the USA Eastern Territory was pleased to welcome the newest Territorial Commanders, Commissioners Ralph and Susan Bukiewicz, in an installation service that was spirit filled and worshipful. The New York Staff Band, Eastern Territory Staff Songsters and Unbound were of course present and played a major role in presenting special music and the leading of worship throughout the program.

The evening began with some preliminary music from Unbound, specifically Victor Morales (guitar), Simon Morton (bass) and Fernando Pacheco (drums) jamming out to a jazzy version of ‘I Will Enter His Gates’. A quick transition to the NYSB and ETSS who traded off on some more music allowed space for people to take their seats and set the scene for the rest of the program.

There were several heartfelt introductions from friends and family interspersed with videos and other special messages and responses. The NYSB presented Andrew Wainwrights ‘Be Thou My Vision’ in a tender moment leading to the installation of the new TC’s. This time was sanctified as many prayed over our new leaders, underscored by the ETSS poignantly singing Ivor Bosanko’s appropriate ‘In this Quiet Moment’ from their seats.

A highlight of the meeting was certainly experienced through worship with the combined forces of Unbound, the NYSB and the congregation. Two powerful arrangements by Victor Morales combined ‘What a Beautiful Name’ and the chorus of ‘Agnus Dei’ and a new worship hit, ‘Firm Foundation’ and ‘Great are You Lord’ bookended a short but powerful word from the now installed Commissioner Ralph Bukiewicz. This powerful combination of music forces is certainly ushering in a new era of SA worship music and is done so with excellence considering the combined talents of the two groups.

After the closing benediction, the congregation was given the option of moving into the corps gym for refreshments or stay and listen to the NYSB’s postlude! The band played Peter Grahams new and powerful ‘Triquetra’ based on Old Hundreth and was a fitting end to the meaningful service.

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