SEPTEMBER 22-24, 2023 – The USA East Young Adult Retreat, “The Way,” held at Kalahari Waterpark and Convention Center, was a spiritually enriching and musically uplifting experience. Organized by the Territorial Youth Department, this event brought together young adults from diverse backgrounds to deepen their faith, foster community, and celebrate spirituality through music and worship. The retreat aimed to provide participants with a unique opportunity to connect with their faith, bond with peers, and experience the power of worship through the ministry of Unbound.

The retreat commenced with a warm welcome from Majors Antonio and Jennifer Rosamilia as people gathered for the opening session, followed by an exciting and uplifting worship set led by new Unbound Worship Leader, Victor Morales. This, along with the word from Captain Darrell Houseton as the first guest speaker of the weekend, really set the tone of the retreat.

Worship and Reflection the second day of the retreat began with an early morning worship service, where participants worshipped and engaged in prayer. Unbound member, Erin Morgan brought a powerful word reflecting on Jesus’ truth .Throughout the day, various workshops and discussion sessions were organized, allowing attendees to explore their faith and engage in meaningful conversations with their peers. Another late night worship service allowed delegates to go deeper, once again led by Unbound with exciting music that quickly transitioned into a more subdued and reflective worship time.

The event concluded with a final Sunday morning meeting, during which attendees shared tears of gratitude, laughter, and a sense of spiritual renewal.

The Young Adult Retreat proved to be a transformative experience for young adults seeking to deepen their faith while enjoying the power of music in worship. The retreat successfully created a space where spirituality and music harmonized to inspire and uplift. Attendees left with strengthened faith, lasting friendships, and a renewed sense of purpose in their spiritual journeys.

Unbound is leading the way in Salvation Army contemporary worship and will be sure to have a lasting impact on all who engage in worship with them.

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