2019 Singing Stars Results

Congratulations to all the young people accepted for the Singing Stars Weekend.  The Eastern Territory Staff Songsters are looking forward to you joining with them for this special event.  Stay tuned for further information coming soon.

Soprano 1

Abigail Alverio
Barrilyn Bender
Ashley Brown
Julie Dorce
Emilee Harvey
Jerica Knickerbocker
Jennifer Lumarque
Fiona Merino
Mahala Nelson
Cheyenne Reed
Zhariyah Scott

Soprano 2

Lia Anthony
Makayla Bosco
Amber Bower
Berlensie Chery
Alesiya Deleon
Sara Dina
Rachel Dina
Deborah Shurtleff


Laura Baptista
Serenity Bearden
Jamiyah  House
Nakera Hughes
Miriam  Kesling
Isabelle Kirk
Joshua Mendoza
Selena Mendoza
Selena  Moran
NaKayla Rivera
Annastassya Segovia
FranDa’Ja Thomas
Caroline Wajda


Camilo Alvarez
Daniel Alverio
Victor Ccapacca
James  Dorce
Micah Kesling
Isiah  Ortiz
TaVan Sallie
TeSan Sallie
Cesar Torres
Oliver Zoduwah


Joseph DeMichael
Eric Hawkins
Joshua Laidlaw
Kirk Willett

VERY IMPORTANT:  If you are under the age of 18, you MUST bring signed Parental Authorization Form with you in order to participate in the weekend.  Click here to download a copy.  Thanks for your attention to this important matter.

Unfortunately, due to lack of space, we can’t accept everyone.  The following applicants are on the Waiting List:

2019 Singing Stars Waiting List

Emonie Edwards
Blaise  Conway
Paige Liskey
Sydney Liskey
Andrew Linn


Check out what the Singing Stars Weekend is all about:

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