Star Search Guitar Book

Here are 16 graded solos for acoustic guitar instrumentalists. This collection was designed to facilitate the contemporary worship portion of The Salvation Army USA Eastern Territory’s long-running Territorial Star Search Talent Display. With four solos in four distinctly graded levels, this book will be a companion for up and coming instrumentalists for many years. This collection is not intended for Star Search soloists only. Anyone looking for music of spiritual nature for worship settings will find exceptional useful music here. The Star Search Acoustic Guitar Book is designed to give opportunity to learn the music and perform it along with the downloadable .mp3s found at The Star Search program has built confidence in young people through the performance of God honoring music. There is hope that this volume of solos will be used to build self-esteem in young people while, at the same time, give glory to God.
-Derek Lance, Territorial Music Secretary


(all arranged by Doug Berry – Territorial Director of Contemporary Music)
1. Blessed Be Your Name
2. Holy Spirit
3. I Bless You Lord –
4. Lion and the Lamb
5. Cornerstone
6. This Is Amazing Grace
7. Great Are You Lord
8. 10,000 Reasons
9. Agnus Dei
10. Build Your Kingdom Here
11. Lord I Need You
12. Lift Your Head Weary Sinner
13. Always Will
14. Amen (Because He Lives)
15. Glorious
16. Joy of the Lord