If you ever need a reminder that the Holy Spirit is still in control of our church, spend some time in worship with some folks from the ARC. Alongside Majors Hodgson, UNBOUND was blessed to be a part of the Adult Rehabilitation Center’s Territorial Holiness Retreat at the beginning of April. We continue to savor the sounds of their heartfelt singing and honest worship!

Captain Donald Graham was gracious enough to write the poem below to thank us for participating, however, the pleasure was most definitely ours:

“At A Moment’s Notice”
A Thank You Tribute to Majors John & Lauren Hodgson & Praise Band UNBOUND

Once again we come together with the expectations of being refreshed, renewed & restored
To experience the peace and serenity that only God can give at beautiful Camp Ladore
God called upon servants that He knew would encourage, inspire and lift those who may be down
He called upon His children John & Lauren Hodgson and the praise band Unbound

The retreat this weekend was lifted in prayer months before God called our guest
It was the love they had for our Heavenly Father and they also stood above all the rest
John and Lauren came out of retirement to share God’s word from their heart
Everyone knew that we would be blessed this weekend right from the very start

The music inspired us greatly all weekend and we felt it deep down in our soul
Unbound you were obedient in what God called you to do and profound in your role
You energized people with your sound and the words really spoke to the lost
God is definitely pleased with you because you brought people back to the cross

This mountain was filled with God’s presence and the Holy Spirit flowed throughout every place
You could see Christ’s transformation power in the expression on everyone’s face
Because of your commitment and obedience John and Lauren in doing what God called you to do
Many lost souls drew closer to Christ and to them His love now became true

Lives have been changed, breakthroughs have occurred and even walls came tumbling down
Believe me God is proud of all of your efforts and awarded all of you with your crown
Majors John and Lauren and the praise band Unbound we say thank you for you doing your part
Know that we’re grateful to God for each of you and you’ll always have a place in our hearts

Words by Captain Donald Graham
ARC Holiness Retreat 2017
Camp Ladore

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