Unbound had a fantastic weekend at the Eastern Territorial Worship Arts Convocation out at Camp Ladore.  Read a few of the delegate’s reactions to the weekend below…we were blessed and honored to be apart of it!


Like the wax seals used on letters long ago.

God was clearly at work throughout the music ministry of Unbound during MOVE. He was at work within my spirit and He used Unbound to deliver a message individually to me. During one of the songs, I realized that my focus during this weekend needed to be fully on my personal relationship with God. He didn’t need me to be in prayer about what steps to take next, He didn’t need for me to intercede for someone else; during this particular weekend God wanted me to be filled by His Spirit and encouraged. It was through the music offered by Unbound that I received that message.

Overall, the entire weekend was a great experience. I acquired plenty of valuable information and insights during the workshops, I was challenged by the words of Major Danielle Strickland, and refreshed by the prayer promptings of Major Soo Kim during the United Sessions. But Unbound’s role was vital. It was to seal all of these things in my heart.

I always thought of worship music as an invitation during a service –the preparation steps that lead the congregation towards a meaningful encounter with God—but during this weekend I came to appreciate it from a different perspective. This weekend, Unbound’s worship music acted as a seal, like the wax seals used on letters long ago. It was the final step after this meaningful encounter with God, to ensure that I keep all of God’s messages closely and safely stored in my heart. I was to collect all of the information, the insights, the challenges, and the prayers, fold them up carefully, and have them sealed so that I could bring them home with me to my regular day-to-day life.

Unbound is made up of a group of musicians who are each offering their God-given talents back to their Creator. I’m grateful for their ministry, particularly this weekend at MOVE, because we, as a congregation, get to witness this exchange and, in turn, experience God’s glory for ourselves.

Annabel DosSantos


Unbound is just that… Unbound.  Not because they are fantastic musicians and just all around cool people (because they are), but because they represented a freedom that I’ve been looking for not just as a worship leader, but as a leader in all that I do.  Their gifts are unbound (no pun intended) and nothing seems to hold them back.  Even when things may not go as expected, or a mic squeals, or the program is changed, you can see them just responding to the Spirits leading.  It is evident in everything that Satan has no place among Unbound’s worship experience.  In fact, one can imagine him fleeing the moment that first note is played.  And this is not meant to be a glorification of the members of the group or the group as a whole, this is meant to be a glorification of the power of Christ in those who actively seek Him with their talents.  When I see or listen to Unbound, there is a power and conviction I want to have not just in my worship leading, but in my everyday life.  I see something in them that I want.  I see the power of Christ and I am desperate for Him when Unbound is leading worship.

Randall Evans

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