UNBOUND was blessed to take part in a number of events this Fall Season.  Bellow are first hand accounts from some for the organizers of these events.  We pray God used us to bring those present into His glorious presence.

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Pray for Freedom NYC – Major Sue Dunigan

When I think of UNBOUND, a few choice words come to mind… Anointed, Powerful, Insightful… Heartfelt but with precision….  Master musicians playing their best for the Master.  When I was in the process of selecting the program participants for our first ever territorial ” Pray For Freedom” evening of Prayer and Worship to stand up against Human Trafficking my immediate thought was to have UNBOUND lead the worship for the evening. Their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and the needs of the congregation is without a doubt: superb. They are not just excellent worship leaders, but  they become totally immersed in the worship experience that they are leading. I was particularly blessed by the women of UNBOUND leading the worship for our evening. That spoke volumes to the congregation especially with the sensitive topics we were praying for throughout the program. I look forward to sharing in worship again with them in the future as they continue to take the lead in drawing us all into the presence of the King.

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National Kroc Conference – Roger Severn

The 2019 National Kroc Centers Conference is a vital support for Kroc ministry and this year’s event was hosted by the Eastern territory in Dayton, OH.

UNBOUND showcased their ministry during a short set at the welcome dinner. For the remainder of the conference UNBOUND clearly set the tone for each day in an inspirational collaboration with the ministry of Captain Jonathan Harvey (General Secretary Northwest Division – Western Territory). Showing wonderful flexibility, from a full ensemble of 9 through to a duo at the end of the week (and every combination in between), the worship was sensitive, inspired, appropriate, challenging, encouraging and all done with a humble spirit with all glory to God and Him alone.

As one delegate to the conference shared, “UNBOUND were just AMAZINGLY inspirational!”

I believe we are only scratching the surface of the potential for this ministry group within our territory and around the country. What an incredible resource to prepare us for worship, provide recorded material to share with corps that have no musical ensembles, and an evangelical tool that can communicate in areas and to audiences that simply may not respond to other ministry groups. UNBOUND share a clear presentation of the Gospel as an encouragement to those that know the Lord and, maybe more importantly, to those that may never have heard the Gospel before. What an opportunity for future ministry reaching those that are lost.

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Territorial Young Adult Retreat PURSUE – Rachael Boynton

The USA East Territorial Youth Department had the pleasure of working with UNBOUND for the 2019 Territorial Young Adult Retreat in October—a group of 400+ 18-35 year olds. UNBOUND lead worship during all of the main sessions, and select members lead breakout sessions on various worship experience topics. The group was accommodating and a pleasure to work with in the weeks leading up to the event, taking time out of his schedule to attend brainstorming and planning sessions, and then effectively communicating our hopes and desires for the event to his team. Worship during the weekend was exactly what we wanted—great transitions and selections, and flexibility from the group when our Saturday night ended up going over an hour longer than expected. They are sensitive to the Spirit’s leading, willing to be flexible when things suddenly change, and overall very talented at leading others into a worship encounter with God.

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